Why Our Coloring Books?

Shape Your Child’s Behavior, Enhance Their Creativity, Boost Their Confidence…
PLUS Help Them Feel Calmer, Happier, And Less Stressed – All This Could Be Achieved With Our Fun Coloring Books.

“There’s no magic here. It is the result of hard work and study of years of research in finding the right method to combine the science-backed benefits of art and coloring with the evidence-based techniques of Self-Talk” says Uday Narkhede, the founder of SketchBuddies.

Shaping Children’s Behavior Is Hard. We’re Here To Change That.

Maybe you too have found that teaching your child to be responsible and willing to help others is tough.

You’ve followed some methods you read online or from a book, but your child still doesn’t want to clean up their toys without you yelling at him/her.

You are not alone. That’s what happens to most parents out there.

And most of them simply give up on teaching these important traits, which is too bad since these are important life skills, especially when the child is entering the life of adulthood.

Why is it really that hard?

The answer is simple.

It’s the mindset.

If you’re struggling in teaching your child to become more responsible, chances are your child identifies themselves as an irresponsible individual.

In most cases, the parents are actually the ones who helped them develop this mindset. (Yeah, right. It’s when the parents yelling at their children telling how irresponsible he/she is.)

As you can guess, to change this mindset, it could take a lot of time and hard work. Unfortunately, most parents give up before they could solve the root cause of their children’s misbehavior… which is too bad.

But you don’t have to. We have created the right solution for you.


What if you can reprogram your child’s mindset to think that he/she is a responsible and helpful child?

Sounds impossible? No, it’s not impossible. In fact, it could be done with a fun activity most children love to do; coloring.

At Sketchbuddies, We Combine The Power Of Art With Psychology Of Self-Talk To Shape Your Child’s Behaviors.

Before you visited our website, you might never have imagined how a simple activity like coloring can provide lifelong benefits for your little one.

It’s like a dream come true for any parent.

Just imagine, by simply letting your kid have a fun time with our coloring books, you can help them develop good behaviors while enhancing their creativity at the same time. There’s really nothing like this before.

Here’s how it works…

  • Our coloring books come with hundreds of attractive hand-drawn illustrations that will keep your child focused for hours. This will take your child into a mindful state, where he/she will feel relaxed, and also be more open to any positive suggestions and affirmations.
  • While your child is coloring the illustrations, the positive affirmations we included on each page will do their job to shape the mind.
  • Because your child is in a relaxation state when he/she reads the positive affirmations, it can ensure the affirmations will stay in their mind even after he/she finished coloring all the pages.

Our Coloring Books Will Work Even When Other Methods Failed To Shape Your Child’s Behavior.

We’ve done the hard work and compiled the results of years of research to find the perfect method for shaping young minds. So we’re confident our coloring books will work for your child – even if other methods have always failed to solve your child’s misbehavior.

One big reason we’re so confident in our books is that we’re using the Power of Self-Talk for shaping young minds.

The actions and behavior of your child are influenced by his/her self-talk and so are the problems that you, as parents are facing in raising your child.

Self-Talk may be the root cause of your problems. And to fix those problems, you need to work on fixing the cause instead of fighting the symptoms. But then, you need not worry about the science part. You just need to let your child spend at least 30 minutes a day with our coloring book, and watch the difference in your little one’s behavior within a few days. 

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So now it’s your time to decide.

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