Our Story

“Tina needs a Bypass Surgery!”, my 4yr old niece came crying to her father. “She swallowed the gum and now her heart’s gonna get blocked.”
“Where does she get these ideas from!”, my brother exclaimed.

Kids can say the most bizarre things. This is a common scenario in every house that has kids. But the real question is,
“Where do they learn these ideas from?”
These ideas, that make them emotional and motivate them to do things on their own.

And yet you, as parents, are locked in a miserable struggle to get your kids to eat, to apologize for their mistakes, and make them listen to you.

Children’s minds are highly influenced by what they see, what they hear and what they read, regularly. They process all these inputs together which translates into their behaviors and actions – things that most parents are struggling to control.

At Sketchbuddies we focus on finding scientific ways to solve this problem. Our team specializes in creating easy & fun activities to help parents shape their child’s behavior. Above all, our products apply the psychological techniques of Self-Talk combined with the science of Brain Development to achieve the results.

Every child is born with unlimited potential and a blank slate.

From the moment we are born we start learning from the messages that we get from our surroundings. Everything that we see, hear and do gets recorded in our brain using the keyboard of our five senses. This is the start of our learning curve.

Every message that we get is being recorded and stored permanently in the brain. We can get these messages from our parents, family members, teachers and even from youtube videos or television shows that we watch. Our brain cannot differentiate whether these messages are true or false, good or bad – neither can it determine if they are helpful or harmful to us. Its job is to simply record and store these messages.

As human beings, we learn things with practice and repetition. With the advancement in Neuroscience, it is scientifically proven that whatever we feed into our minds repeatedly will determine what comes out of it. Once we repeat something often enough, it becomes like a program in our mind. And then we begin to repeat those messages back to our self. This is what we call our Self-Talk.

More often we repeat a program, the more powerful it gets.

And the strongest program always wins. This is what Dr. Shad Helmstetter, a self-talk expert, refers to as ‘The Law of Repetition’.

Self-talk is that voice in your head that you keep conversing with throughout the day! And what that voice says has a major influence on how we react and respond to the events in our life. In other words, it influences our actions and behaviors.

Kids develop their self-talk statements by seeing, hearing, and reading things that are available in their environment. Reading is as an active form of self-talk where we talk to ourself inside our mind. That is why it’s important to take notice of what your child is reading.

We know that the brain learns everything by repetition. So whatever is being repeatedly fed into your child’s mind leaves an imprint there which gets carried into his/her adulthood.

It is very crucial that you pay attention to your child’s self-talk because it will determine what type of person he/she becomes as an adult.

What will your child do at the first sign of failure, will she quit or keep on trying until she succeeds. Will she lend a hand to help someone in need or just ignore them. Will your child think she is worthy of love and respect or feel insecure with her emotions. It all depends on what that little voice inside the head tells her.

How Can We Help?

At Sketchbuddies, we identify learning activities that children love to do and fuse them with positive self-talk. It is difficult to feed self-talk into children’s minds the traditional way. They barely listen to you. How do you plan on making them listen to a boring recording?

Although we admit that simply playing the recording in the background will eventually start seeping the self-talk into their mind. But the results will be much faster if we can engage the children in actively changing their self-talk. This is where we come in.

Our coloring books apply the principle of mindfulness along with the traditional concept of subconscious learning, in a single activity. Coloring itself is a mindful activity that makes children calm and focused at the same time. And by feeding the right self-talk while your kids are in a mindful state, we can dramatically improve the results.

We target the concepts beyond what traditional education teaches the children. Our first coloring book series ‘Values that matter’ will help parents to inculcate moral values in their children. The books in this series target important values like love for your family, respectfulness, helpfulness, honesty, responsibility and love for learning. These values are critical to living a good and fulfilled life.

We continue to do our best in improving our work and creating more books like these. Please write to us at team@sketchbuddies.com if you have any suggestions that will help us to improve our work. We are also working on an audio series that children will enjoy while learning positive self-talk. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with us.

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