I Am Respectful

A fun coloring book with 50+ coloring pages designed with Self-Talk techniques for helping children learn how to respect others and to respect themselves. It’s more than just a coloring book; it’s a truly magical way to shape your little one’s behaviors.

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I Am Respectful – 50+ Positive Affirmation Coloring Pages for Kids to Learn Mindfulness, Self-love, Growth Mindset and Moral Values

Technical Specifications:

  • Formats Available: Digital(PDF), Paperback, Coil Binding
  • Book Size: 8.5″x11″ / 216 x 279 mm
  • Interior Color: B&W
  • Paper Type: Thick 80# Coated Premium White Paper
  • Page Count: 57

Dear Parents,

Let’s face it… Teaching your little one to respect the others – beyond just saying “Yes, Sir” or “Yes, Madam” – is not easy.

It requires patience and could take a lot of time and hard work.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible… Especially, if you have this book in your hands.

We created this book to help parents introducing and developing respectfulness in their children.

Sure, parents still play an important role in helping children learn and understand Respectfulness. But with this book, your job will be much, much easier.

To achieve that, we combine the power of Art and Affirmations that work really great in shaping young minds.

There are hundreds of black and white illustrations ranging from animals and trees to space rockets and stars… which is combined with positive affirmations written using the science of self-talk techniques.

While your child focuses on coloring the black and white illustrations, the positive affirmations do their job to introduce and help them develop respectfulness.

Yeah, right. It works in a magical way like self-hypnosis, but feels much, much more fun for children.

And not just that! Here’s more…

Many studies found that coloring book is one great way to practice mindfulness for both child and adult.

So not only this coloring book can teach your kid to respect others, but it can also help your little one reduce stress and anxiety. As a result, you might find him/her fall asleep easier than before.

Sounds interesting, right?

And remember, just like other coloring books, this is also a great way to help your child enhance their creativity while learning moral values.

To summarize, here’s what you can expect from “I Am Respectful” coloring book:

  • Teach your child respectfulness in a fun way he/she will enjoy.
  • Help your child enhance their creativity while learning moral values, which will give lifelong benefits for him/her.
  • A fun way to practice mindfulness for releasing stress and anxiety.
  • Hundreds of attractive illustrations that will keep your child feel engaged for hours.
  • And feel successful as a parent that could raise respectful children and create a happy family.


  • Hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations ranging from animals and trees to space rockets and stars.
  • Science-backed benefits of coloring which includes cultivating mindfulness and spreading a wave of positivity.
  • Designed using the evidence-based techniques of Self-Talk for shaping the mind using positive affirmations.
  • A fun and educational gift for girls and boys of ages 4-10 to enhance their creativity while learning moral values.
  • Black and white drawings printed on a thick 80# paper to avoid bleed-through.

This book is for you if…

  • You’re a parent who doesn’t want to see your child grow up into a rude and disrespectful person.
  • You want to be respected as a parent and have a happy family.
  • You’re looking for a unique gift for young kids between the ages of 4-10. This book truly stands out among the other common coloring books.
  • You’re a teacher looking for a great group activity for all the students in your class.

Don’t give up on raising respectful children. Get this book today to take your best first step.

Remember, respectfulness is one of the most important virtues a child can have. If your child can respect others, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they can develop a positive relationship with everyone throughout their life.

Despite it’s one of the hardest things to teach, you should never give up. And yet, it’s never to early to start developing this essential life skill for your little one.

We have created this book to help you shape your child’s behavior in a fun way that they’ll love to do.

So don’t wait longer to introduce and develop respectfulness in your child.

Grab this book today, and start taking your best first step in helping your child learn how to respect others and to respect themselves.

Book Preview

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