What Causes Bad Child Behavior?

What Causes Bad Child Behavior?

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.” A quote by Franklin P. Jones that all parents can swear by.

Kids can test your limits, and their behavior may seem uncontrollable at times. But it is not all their fault.

Children are born as blank slates and are highly impressionable in their growing years. All they know today is what they have learned from their environment.

To learn why your child is behaving the way he or she does, you should first understand how a child learns anything.

How does learning take place in the brain??

Children try to make sense of the world by using the inputs they get from their five senses. All the information that they can get by seeing, listening, tasting, smelling, and touching is being stored inside their brain. As they grow, their brain develops, and it can relate and process this information.

For example, they begin to understand that orange is a fruit that is round in shape, and it is also the name of a color. It starts with simple information like this. As the brain learns more information and evolves further, children begin to understand emotions and have thoughts, ideas, and desires. They start to build their identity. But kids are so unpredictable, and their likes and dislikes change so often. This is because, unlike adults, their brains are very flexible. Let’s take a look at the science behind it.

The Science behind the learning process

The science of neuroplasticity tells us that children’s minds are very easy to mold and can process lots of information quickly. This helps them to easily adapt to their environment, a necessary survival skill for humans. Hence it is easier for children to learn new knowledge and skills when they are growing up. 

But a large part of this information gets deleted as children grow into adults. It happens so that the brain can become more efficient and focused— another feature of human evolution.

So, whatever information remains in the brain will be responsible for shaping your child’s identity in the future. And this will be reflected in the resulting behavior.

But the question is, who decides what information stays and what gets deleted?

We may not know this, but we have control over this process. All the information which gets regularly repeated in our growing years becomes permanent, whereas the information that gets ignored begins to fade away. This is one of the essential principles of neuroplasticity. 

Hence, by controlling the information that your child is repeatedly getting exposed to, you can shape your child’s mindset. But do you know where your child is learning all this information from in the first place?

What are your child’s sources of learning?

We have already established that children learn everything from their environment. So if you have a problem with your child’s behavior, you must first observe the environment that he or she is regularly exposed to.

This environment includes both parents and other people – the way they behave around your child. It also includes TV shows, YouTube videos, advertisements, and Cartoons that your child watches and also what you watch when your child is around. You must also pay attention to the kind of music or other audios and words that your child is exposed to. And last but not least, the type of stories and other books that your child reads.

All these are major sources of learning for kids, apart from what they are taught in schools.


So if you’re still wondering about the reason behind your child’s problematic behavior, look at the list above. All of this influences your child’s behavior. Whatever goes inside the brain is what comes out of it. 

Don’t get overwhelmed by all this. We know that you cannot control all the aspects of your child’s life. But this does not mean that you have no control at all. You can still fix your child’s behavior and shape their future. Watch our next video to learn how you can do it.


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